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Home Page

Welcome to the official website for the

Los Angeles Sheriff's Athletic Association!


LASAA organizes and sponsors a wide variety of athletic events geared towards the Law Enforcement community.     Some of our events are only available to our members, some are open to all Law Enforcement, and some are open to the public.     Because of this, we require everyone to create a user account to access the website.     Creating a user account is FREE, and once you have successfully created it, you will have access to event registration, results, and event pictures!     And, once you have created your user account, registering for an event is a breeze!     We don't sell or share any information we obtain on our website.     See our privacy policy for details.

This website will not allow multiple registrations for any event.      User account holders may register only themselves in an event.  Each event participant must create their own user account to register for an event.     We do not allow event registrations for minors through this website.     If you wish to register a minor (under 18 years old) in an event, you must do so on the day of the event in person.

Creating a user account does not automatically make you a LASAA member; it simply allows you access to our website.     LASAA membership is available to all LASD personnel, both sworn and professional.     Once logged into our website, LASD personnel can apply for LASAA membership by clicking on the "Join LASAA" link found under the "About Us" tab.

Have questions regarding our website?  Email


Don't have a user name and password? CLICK HERE to set up a user account for free.

If you have already created a user account but can't remember your password, go to the Forgot Password page to have your password reset.

Absolutely can't remember your password or the answer to your security question?  As a last resort, you can email for an administrative password reset.  Allow 1-2 days for processing.