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Memorial Torch Relay Run

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About Memorial Torch Relay Run

***Dates for the 2016 Memorial Run***

****May 13-15, 2016****

*Contact your station coordinator for details*

The Annual Memorial Torch Relay Run honors the memory of those brave and dedicated individuals in Los Angeles County who have sacrificed their lives in the performance of their duties.

The run starts at The Hall of Justice located at 211 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles on Friday, at 0900 hours, with a commemorative Torch Ceremony.

The Torch Relay consists of 56 legs, five to ten miles long, and travels to each mainland Sheriff's station in a circuit totaling 313 miles.

During the same weekend, Avalon Regional Station conducts a Torch Relay Run in Avalon.

All Department Members, sworn and professional, all other police agencies, as well as family members and friends are invited to participate in any leg of the Torch Relay.

Contact Event Directors Rocky Costa at or Mike Ford at