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Action Pistol

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About Action Pistol

In conjunction with the LASD Range Staff, LASAA introduces five action-packed stages to challenge your accuracy, speed, and pistol manipulation skills.

Medals will be awarded to the TOP 3 in each Lewis Class A, B, and C. Plaques will be additionally awarded to the following participants:

Top Tactical (SEB/Instructors)

Top Patrol

Top Detective

Top Custody

Top Court Services

Top Reserve

Top Supervisor (Sergeant and up)

Top Military Veteran / Reservist

Top Female

Top Senior (50+)

Top Retiree

Top Security Officer

The event is open to ALL LASD personnel who have been issued a firearm and have received LASD training on that firearm. Participants must use their Department-approved duty pistol which you have been certified and trained to carry.

LASAA members participate for FREE! Entry fee for non-LASAA participants is $50. Entry fee includes participation, awards, barbecue lunch and refreshments.

Participants must bring their duty weapon with 3 magazines, Sam/Sally Brown belt, eye and ear protections, 150 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads), and appropriate range/shooting attire (closed-toe shoes). Ammunition will be available for purchase at the range.

For more information, contact Dan Whitten at