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About Shotgun

LASAA's annual Shotgun Tournament is held each fall at the Triple B Clays Shotgun Sports Park in South El Monte. This event is open to any law enforcement personnel, sworn or non-sworn, and their invited family and friends.

LASAA members participate for FREE! The entry fee for non-members is only $20 for Trap or Skeet, $30 for Sporting Clays.

Participants compete in a 50 targets of Trap, 50 targets of Skeet, and 50 targets of Sporting Clays.

Shooters of all levels are encouraged to participate. Scoring will be based on the Lewis Class System, which means you compete with shooters with similar ability.

A Silver Belt Buckle will be awarded to the shooter with the Highest Combined Overall score. Only current or retired members of any law enforcement or fire department agencies are eligible for the buckle. A Money clip will be awarded to the High Overall shooter, and medals will be awarded to the top three shooters in each individual event.

Lunch will be provided at no additional charge to participants.

Rental guns and ammunition will be available for an additional fee.

Check-in begins at 8:00am, and the shooting commences at 9:00am.

Contact Event Coordinator Manuel Munoz at or 323-260-8559 for questions.